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Create an interactive platform, where similar climate change impacts and solutions can be shared and the world can raise a voice as one.



The idea is to create an interactive platform, where people all over the world can upload their perception of climate change and/or how they achieved to keep ongoing their life (f.e. adaption in agriculture), and so share their knowledge with others. Each upload would be translated in a variety of languages and so "find" and get linked with other information uploads all over the world that talk about the same problems (f.e. house construction on coastal sites). People in the same environments need apparently similar solutions, than people living in different environments, but the same country (similarity of the Swiss Alps and the Andean highlands). So, if people realize that f.e. less harvest of potatoes is not only a problem in Peru, but also in Spain and Nigeria, it might help to try out a roots type that is used in Ghambia, which they used in stead of potatoes,a s it uses less water.

To give people the chance to exchange knowledge and share problems helps the world community to raise their voice as humans in front of the world governments. It not only helps the citizens to help themselves to survive by facing climate change with adaption, but also give the people a voice as one "humanity". It would allow to show that people in different mountain regions all over the world have more similar problems with each other than people living in the same nation but in total different environments (mountain/coast). This is where knowledge needs to be exchanged, and also what the world governments need to realize. It is not just about economy and politics, but of how all the people in the different environments of each country will be able to adapt with the changing climate.



What actions do you propose?

First of all it would be necessary to gather as much information as possible to define the languages and compute the platform, which than would be ongoing and growing. Than it could be used for international debates on climate change and the adaption needed.

What is it?

Where does it happen?

Who is affected?

What can be done? What is already done in other places?

The interactive platform needs to be supported by local & national governments, also from NGO's to spread the world in outlying communities and help the to get access to the internet or be translated into a "online" language. People need to hear about this platform so it can grow.


Who will take these actions?

The main activity will be made by myself, as a leading coordinator of the entire project, by contacting NGO's, governments, organizations and individuals to help to get basic information and define languages and "key" words in the interactive platform.

An other person would lead the entire configuration of the interactive platform, by helping to ensure the linkages through languages.

Different individual friends already volunteered to do the translation part of key words gathered so far.

Organizations as f.e. CliMates would be contacted to ask for help to spread the world through their community members all over the world, and help actively to gather information of how climate change is impacting the life of people and/or what is already done to adapt.

NGO's would be asked for support (it might be necessary to give a financial interest to ensure their help) and so get more access to remote areas, by translating or giving access to the internet for local citizens


The governments would be invited to contribute and sue the platform for national interests, as far the idea of "sharing" knowledge to adapt is pursued.

Where will these actions be taken?

Information would be gathered all over the world, while the entire start.up work will be coordinated from Switzerland/Peru.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

What are other key benefits?

The citizens really endangered of climate change will get the possibility to raise their voice as a community (f.e. people form the coast, form the mountains, form the forests, form the cities) and be able to confront the governments not as nations, but as humans living on the one and same planet.

Further, it will allow people to be independent and help themselves, rather than wait for the own government to help. Some solutions to adapt by a changing climate can be easily done, as long as the access to a knowledge source (internet - interactive platform) is ensured. More people will realize that they not stand alone, but that other people of other skin color, culture and religion are confronted with similar problems.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The costs would be max. 10'000 CHF. Whereof the main part, and this also would be the sum that mostly varies, is by asking NGO's for help to spread the world by offering them some financial regard. The more NGO's can be contacted the faster the platform will grow. 

Otherwise there are only personal costs that could fall on, in case the information flow will be big and so I will need to cut down some of my own work and still ensure my financial security. This should not be more than 1% of the money received.

Time line

The platform would be online in the next 5-7 years, whereof the platform could grow on itself, but also in political and economical weight in the next 10 up to 100 years, hopefully by adding more languages, more facts, and help to get more active members.

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