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Petra Pocanic

May 19, 2016


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I can see you've been working hard on the proposal and have thought it through.
Have you conducted any interviews with potential users to test your idea? (with a simple prototype) 
This could help you with the development of it, open some new possibilities/visions and save you time/money.

I'd rethink the costs and increase them. All of them are too low for such a platform and amount of work. It might seem that at some point it can run by itself but usually there is a lot of work behind (both for project development and platform development-programming-maintenance).
Making some research on similar platforms (as structure, not necessary by topic) and asking some programmers about possible costs might help you.

Keep up the good work,



Sofie Carmlind

May 20, 2016


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Thank you so much for reading our proposal and taking your time to give us feedback.

We find this very valuable and will follow your advice and look over the costs. 


/ Sofie and Katja

Sebastiaan Deetman

Jun 2, 2016


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Hi Sofie & Katja,

I think your idea is great! Everyone I talk to wants to know what they can do themselves to fight climate change, but they are overwhelmed with information. On a platform like yours they will finally find the overview and inspiration to start making a real change.

I love the fact that you list actions in different categories (donations, petitions, consumer choices and even active do-it-yourself projects), because there is no single approach that fits all users. This way they can pick and choose the actions that really fit them as a person.

I see you are also very transparent about the carbon-dioxide emissions you expect to save with each action. That will really encourage users in a race towards zero emissions. sign me up! ;)

Good luck,


Malin Lindgren

Jun 5, 2016


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I really think you are on to something here; taking a large global challenge like climate change and making it into something creative and tangible. By doing this you also change peoples' mindsets into climate change being something that is cool and trendy to care about. 

Furthermore I think it's a really great idea to take a platform that is already out there and modifying it to your needs! Users of this new platform will then already know how to use it and be familiar with the concept.

Would definitely use this kind or platform.

Best wishes,


Ayush Rai

Jun 5, 2016


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I have deeply interested and impressed by the idea and the modus operandi but what are the revenue channels that you have identified ? Will be happy to know that.

Sofie Carmlind

Jun 6, 2016


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Sebastiaan.deetman and scmalin thank you so much for your feedback, it keeps us motivated to keep developing the platform.

Shadhaj thank you for your comment. It is a good question and we have been thinking about different ways of making an income. Nothing decided yet but one suggestion is that you can sign up for a PLUS membership that you would pay for. Being a plus member you will be able to reach more materials and access more features on the platform. If you have any ideas we are of course open to suggestions. 


Sofie and Katja

Moné De Afonseca

Jun 7, 2016


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I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the idea of having this information available in a way that is interactive and, as we have all seen with other platforms, it almost becomes an automated process in our daily lives to use these platforms.

I believe that you have found a way, not to educate people about climate change and raise their awareness, but to allow people to educate themselves and raise their own awareness through a process that almost guarantees daily exposure.

On more specific points:

I love the idea of the introduction quiz as it adds a real personal element to the process.

I love the idea that you have found a way to make sustainable behaviour a more personal project by allowing you to track your own carbon footprint. It offers a sense of achievement and almost immediate gratification that often feels lacking in overwhelming projects such as global change.

I truly think your proposal is a sound and valuable solution to a more sustainable future.

Wishing you all the best!