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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The judges felt that providing an interactive information network could be useful, however, the concept of building a new digital platform is ambitious and they were uncertain whether individuals will readily join and participate.

They felt that the authors have a good introductory understanding of what prevents people from acting pro-environmentally, but the proposal was not grounded in a deep knowledge of how to change behavior. For example, in one of the examples of a user the authors say 'Searches on google and finds Imvelo with videos and easy to understand graphics about plastic soup. When browsing on the platform she comes across actions that list tips on how to reduce plastic use.' The fact is - most people who know how important it is to reduce plastics use and how to go about it - still don't change their behavior. What will bring people to this site instead of others out there similar to this? Great start and presented well.

Other suggestions for how to improve the proposal:

- Provide an analysis of competing initiatives, like Wespire or
- Provide a specific, feasible plan for getting to 5000+ users so that the community takes off.
- Explore possible partnerships, or combining the proposal Imvelo with existing platforms - such as app on facebook? WWF footprint calculator?
- Speak to your revenue model. Will you have investors? Are you a non-profit?

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Very well-articulated, well thought and feasible both in terms of the cost and the level or commitment required by citizens.

The Judges felt the proposal was well written and original, and that one of its strengths was in the high level of engagement required from single citizens. They thought the budget, time and plans were well developed.

The proposal would benefit from additional clarity on incentives for participation, not only information needs.

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Sofie Carmlind

Jun 15, 2016


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We listened to your feedback and made some changes to our proposal. 

First of all, we decided to change from Terra Lab to Imvelo because of personal preference. We also thought that it would be easier for the logo and such with a short and easy name. It comes from the South African language Zulu and means environment/nature. 

We added some sentences in the beginning of the proposal that catches the attention of the reader. These are also the main questions that we have had while doing this project. 

When it comes to incentives for participation, apart from information needs, we created 3 profiles of potential users to further clarify how and why people would come to the platform. We added this information under activities. 

Furthermore we also added in our timeline 0-5 years that we will host meet-ups with users and have seminars and workshops on the topic.