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Embedding Stirling engine in the construction of ships will decrease strongly the discharge of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.



Covering the surface of the vessel with the panels for production of hot water absorbed 98% of the solar (photovoltaic absorb only 15%). Installing powerful  Starling engines at the bottom of the vessel, which is cooled by the lower layers of the cold ocean water. The actual power output of the Stirling engine is 40% which is 4 times more powerfull then photovoltaic cells can give.

What actions do you propose?

Ship transport is to blame for a quarter of the discharge of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Reducing exhaust gas by ship transport will make a great contribution to slowing global warming.

Who will take these actions?

Stirling engines can be fitted to large vessels, but also in smaller boats, molar they can serve for the movement, generate electricity, cooling and even extraction (condensation) of fresh water.

So implementation of powerful Stirling engine is economically feasible for large companies and owners of luxury yachts.

Where will these actions be taken?

Stirling engines have flaws that define their area off application.

First, Starling engines have low energy converted to their weight. For this, Starlin engines suitable for use in places where landline or weight is not important / ships /.

Second, Stirling engines require good cooling are suitable for use where there is a cold water / river, ocean /.

Third, Stirling engines are energy efficient even with small temperature difference it makes them useful sources of electricity from many natural sources of constant temperature differences.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

 Stirling engines are zero-needed fuel.


Stirling engines produce energy from the temperature difference heating solar panels and cold water of the ocean.

What are other key benefits?

Powerful Stirling engine can be used anywhere for extraction of electricity, where there are small but constantly temperature difference without causing pollution.

Powerful Stirling generators may be used for cooling, or for extraction to fresh water by condensation.

Development and increased production of Stirling generators will help supply electricity to places where it has not been possible until now. Stirling generator is four times more energy efficient than solar cells.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The investment for the Stirling engine is similar to the price of diesel engine, but speaking in a long time the lack of fuel costs is an incentive for the realization of the idea

Time line

I am currently working on a prototype of a powerful Stirling engine.

The engine is fully hermetically sealed, making it easier to assemble. Most parts have been purchased and already assembled. Unfortunately, some parts will be ready in September. I hope after September to show a video of how it works.

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I'm working on creating a prototype of my ideas. I hope you can help me in the procurement of the necessary raw materials and components for realization and completion of the projects.