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Stevie Harison

Apr 16, 2016


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Hello from Bandung, Indonesia.


I have read your proposal. Good job for Dubai !

I am optimistic that Dubai will be more environmentally friendly

than any other cities in Middle East region.

Anyway, regarding your ideas, I just want to emphasize 

my opinion on the main subject of your proposal, that is youth.

Yes, youth and children should play the biggest role, but don't forget to 

include other age groups such as young adults and adults even senior citizens.

I think intergenerational approach would be more perfect for the idea.

Thank you.


All the best,

Aissatou Diagne

May 9, 2016


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Hi Synergy,

Good job on the first draft of your proposal! I have two suggestons for you that I think will help boost your proposal: