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Questions: What will you do IF Tomorrow when nearly your entire City begins to flood, or gets destroyed by Storms?



(( First, dear Climatecolab,org Managers, how is  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies connected to you or this Proposal for Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape Workspace ))

How can Progressives, Atheists/ Non-religious LGBTQ, Single Women and Other “Minorities”, including Low-income People/ the Poor in Disaster Situations be independent from religious Organizations as Red Cross, ( an AT&T Corporate Executives-run International-operating Charity, which still has open legal Questions to answer about where 1/4 Billion went to)  and further religious Organizations as Mathew 25 Ministries?

FYI: In 2014,  it was reported that US Americans alone donated an estimated $350 billion to religious US “Charities”

Alternatives - evidently - on International as well as Domestic localized Levels -  must be created involving Communities with the Support of the UN, European Governments, China, India and Others. Alternatives,  which can assured the Non-Discriminations of these Minority Groups, and those non-religious Minorities Rights not to be threatened by Religion and be proselytize to Religious Charity Organizations during and after devastating Severe Weather Events.
As it seems the Case already in parts of religious Conservative USA and assuredly in the Islamic Nations of the Middle East.

These reckless Endangerment by  irresponsible greedy Big Fossil-Fuel Businesses is Something we don’t wish to have Anything to do with, since those rich Billionaires clearly have Bloods on their Hands. Alone for Oil Revenues and more and more governmental Subsidies, while  Koch Brothers, Exxon Mobile ALEC and the whole GOP and U.S. Mainstream Media callously deny Anthropogenic Climate Change.

The costly and deadly Consequences of such GOP and ALEC Legislators and Fossil-Fuel Corporations' Denials are also visible right now across the USA: 5 Billion in Climate-Change Damage Costs alone from Hurricane Patricia, from 2011- 2012 more than $200 Billion in total Damages in the USA alone.


What actions do you propose?

The International Question to U.S GOP Party and connected ALEC Corporations, who dumbly denied one of Earth’s biggest Environmental Threat to Businesses and Lives Everywhere thou is:

Are U paying financial Reparations in “Denials”, or through Courts in Billions of Dollars $, dear U.S GOP and Fossil-Fuel Industry?

vidently, the U.S GOP, ALEC Law-makers , here particular the political Right-Wing Alliances with the Fossil-fuel / Extraction-Industry are de-facto co-responsible for those above mentioned Global Climate Change Damage-Costs and must be held validly and valuably for Common People negative impacted by Severe Weather Effects.

The dangerous socio-political economic Marriage of Big Religion(s), Big Politics & Big Military Arms-Corporate Big-Money only bears religious Terrorism in Christian White Supremacist Form and its equivalent fanatic Islamic Form seeking to defend their Lands and Properties and Lies, and end up in ever-more fallaciously ignorant Stupidity as the Crony Corporate Money-Makers of organized criminal Leaders, IF left unregulated and without Global Check and Balance.

For reckless and extremely dangerous physical Endangerment of Global Businesses, Properties and Global (Minorities’s and Middle Class & the Poor)  Lives, - by the GOP Politicians and the ALEC Fossil-fuel Corporate Cronies-, who are denying Climate Change and are engaging so in Global Anti-trust, Qui Tam and possibly theoretically even in International Genocide Offenses, due to their organized ignorant Denials of Scientifically Facts and ongoing Reality. Such Sociopath in the World Leadership as the GOP are a threat to the entire Planet.
But, this Proposal is about Exxon Mobil Stocks Give-Away and helping Other non-religious and other Minorities in Needs

Our Small Business has Exxon Mobil STOCKS of a total ( October 2015 Value of 4.274  - Exxon Mobil Account Holder--No: C000876317 - to giveaway! The person who will get that Money as a Giveaway just has to tell us why he/she/they DESERVE the 4270 USD and possibly even more in Form of Direct-Funding for Disaster Damages.
Since we plan to buy even far MORE Fossil Fuel Stocks, alone to GIVEAWAY the Monetary Value and thus devalue Fossil Fuel’s Valuations further. While reinvesting in Renewable and Green Tech for  those Minority Groups. The Fossil-Fuel Industry sucks enough International Subsidies, that can only be diminished further via Devaluation and Divestments. TOTAL DISRUPTION begins with giving up something of Value to you, as with every “Change”:


Who will take these actions?

  • Developers and Programmers from my LinkEd, Twitter Friends-Lists
  • small businesses, Individuals
  • Possibly Collaboration with Business Partners in Europe and Asia, etc. already  possible
  • Governments local and Federal State
  • United Nation,
  • Doctors without Borders ( preferred over Red Cross for any Collab)
  • Whoever wish and is competent enough and NOT a fanatic religious Person of any Religion of Abraham's would do.


Green Tech and Renewable Energy Providers etc. are most welcome as Partners for this!

Where will these actions be taken?

Right now: California USA, to support some the by "Godzilla" El Nino affected said Minorities adequately long-term with some Green Tech and possibly more.

Connects with other Project suggestions just posted

What are other key benefits?


  1.  Exxon Stock Giveaway is intentionally anti-beneficial for the Fossil-Fuel Industry and beneficial for the Green Industry and new Startups/ Small Business, who lack the Funding Fossil-Fuel Industry is receiving
  2. Independent/ Autarky Support and Information System Network /App for Progressives, Atheists/ Non-religious,  LGBTQ, Single Women in and Other “Minorities”, including Low-income People/ the Poor in Disaster Situations.
  3. Resulting in less Probability of institutional and other Discriminations of progressives ,Atheists/ nonbelievers, LGBTQ and Others by the above-named religious Charity organizations.
  4. Financial Participating and benefiting and thus resulting growing Involvement of Global Minorities and Low-income Groups in necessary Climate Education and Environmental Responsibility and Climate Actions.
  6. Increase in Green Consumption, decrease of the Opposite
  7. Disaster Management and Climate with built-in collaborative Financing

What are the proposal’s costs?

What does it cost to create a Website and "Crowd funding" Store system and associated Multi Platform App? 

That's what it cost, I'd say.
I have no concrete Idea Folks. I'm a German Food-Tech Oldie stuck in religious conservative Guns and God-crazy Ohio.
Some Economy MIT Alumni will be more able than me to make-up a fictive Sum, which comes closest.

But this Project can in Theory later finance itself with the other further connected One or Two Project Suggestions recently posted here too.

Time line

very short term

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In 2014,  it was reported that US Americans alone donated an estimated $350 billion to US “Charities”

As we can see, if we study the USA and other religious Billionaires dominated Nations, intelligent and educated US Americans as @ElonTesla are rarely listen to by ideological US Americans: