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It’s in the Bag! A Simple, Energy Saving Cooking Idea.



Basic Idea.
The idea formed out of my philosophy on life. I feel that the fewer natural resources we use the better for the planet, as well as being financially beneficial for us. Power bills are increasing and we need to find creative ways of saving and using less power.

The problem  & solution:
For years, I have used a type of hay box made from two specifically shaped styrofoam pillows that fit tightly around a cooking pot to insulate and preserve the heat in the pot. In this way, the contents of the pot maintain their temperature as the cooking is in process. They used to be a real asset when I did catering and could produce piping hot food hours after preparation for large numbers of people in remote areas. Although this method worked, I found that the bags I used were bulky and not easy to transport, so I decided I wanted to design a similar, but smaller device with the same successful energy-saving properties that would:
 retain heat
 fit multiple size pots
 be portable
 be small and light enough to carry for outdoor pursuits
 be made with recycled materials.

What actions do you propose?

It's a simple idea but a product which is very effective and can result in massive savings of 50 to 70 percent of your gas consumption and energy bill. And also it reduces the emissions of the carbon and CO2.

This product is ideal for indoor and outdoor, as every household needs such a product can contribute to the environment and reduce your gas bill plus also the carbon / CO2 emissions.

Around this simple business concept also create employment through one simple product. By a small investment can already make a major contribution to sustainable life for people and the environment.

Who will take these actions?

Everyone is welcome to support this project. it is also intended for everyone.

Where will these actions be taken?

European Union and later the world.

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

I first starting in Europe, then africa and so every continent in the world. with same formula.

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How it works  
A pot on the stove requires continuous heating because it is constantly losing heat to its surroundings. A Hay Slow Cooker wraps around a hot pot and insulates, thus keeping the heat inside much longer. Only 20% of the normal cooking time on the stove is needed, the hay will do the rest of the cooking for free.

The following advice is on a leaflet that I give away with the bags to explain their use.
AirBilly BAGS
 Saves on cooking times.
 Food does not burn, stick or dry out.
 Great for cheaper meat cuts, chickpeas, lentils, rice and dried beans.
 Keeps food hot for up to 4 hours.
 Can be used to keep foods chilled.
 Keeps yoghurt warm whilst setting, keeps yeast warm whilst proving.
 Great for pot luck dinners, camping and tramping trips, yachting and motor home use.
Heat food in pot and bring to boiling. Cook for about 5 minutes, 10 minutes for rice, beans and meat. Do not lift lid.
Cheaper cuts of meat work especially well if cooked twice, with about 2 hours each time in the bag.
Do not replace lukewarm or half eaten food in the bag. Reheat to boiling before putting the pot back in the bag, this is to prevent spoiling.
The less air space in the pot, the better it will work. Choose the smallest pot that the cooked food fits.
Root vegetables can be left twice as long as regular cooking time. Green vegetables should not be left for more than 20 minutes as they lose flavour and colour.

The best thing is to experiment with your favourite recipes and be creative using your AirBilly Bag.