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This proposal was moved here from Adaptation Workspace 2016


What if young students today could have a free social security pensions for free tomorrow by planting trees?



Economy and environment joint projects.


To end the non-essential subjects such as Physical Education and Music within all government high schools, substitute them by “initiatives” that will ultimately lead to “tree planting

What actions do you propose?

1. Government supporting the initiative

2. Government schools to implement changes in curriculum 

3. School administrators initially look for private lands and negotiate sharing the profit of future proceeds from the timber sale

4. Government offer to land owners a reduction in taxes if they subscribe to the project

5. Students in first year start early biology class concentrating on seeds of trees, classes of trees and their optimum habitat depending on the geographic locations.

6. When students become second year High School, each student shall be required to compulsory tree planting with adequate marking and labeling of their identities for future identification of trees - on who planted them.

7. When students become third year, they shall perform maintenance, cleaning, caring and statistics gathering of the planted trees last year.

8. When students reach fourth year high school, they will assist the school administrator to scout and propose private lands to negotiate next seasons

Who will take these actions?

The government, department of finance, school administrators, students and private land owners.

Where will these actions be taken?

This is ideal in my country - the Philippines, and other countries in south East Asia.

What are other key benefits?

Environmental rewards

Reduction of green house gases


Efficient land use

Financial rewards to students 

Social security


What are the proposal’s costs?


Time line

10 years

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