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Using the briquettes environmentlly friendly technology to substitute charcaol that leads to defforestation hence reducing global warming



This proposal seeks to inform the general world that using rubbish  collected daily within our homes like dry leaves and other plants when burnt under deoxygenating process withe cassava flour as binding agent to generate briquettes which are dust and smoke free to the people and this will reduce on carbon dioxide emission and deforestation hence a factor that reduces on global warming and this technology is affordable and every one can adopt it and generate the family fuels for cooking on daily by not tempering with environment remember all we do generates a repercussion y\to us in the longt run. as Change lives now Africa we are embarked on this campaign to see that people love we are doing and they will appreciate for the sake of safe guarding the environment 

What actions do you propose?

Use of the proper and modern cooking materials that will help the local people change their rigid mind of using the charcoal but to a concept of using the briquettes that are smokeless for the cooking process/activities.

the authority are working out the by-laws to stop people from cutting down trees currently for firewood and if caught the legal process befall the culprits and this has helped us to prevent people from cutting down trees 

The people income is improving because they are selling briquettes to consumer and the 1 kg is 5000UGx and this has helped them to acquire other basic necessities hence a fight against poverty

However in summary the local people are embracing the technology and the laws being used to prevent deforestation are being obeyed and thus giving the hope for the future and the fight against climate change

Who will take these actions?

Community is the key player that adopts the changes  because they absorb all technologies of living that come up to better their standard

Police and local councils ensures that execution of the bylaws are met inorder  to meet the intended law execution demands by leving penalties to culprits

organization like Change Lives Now Africa that provides the technical knowledge and support to community to execute the needed technology to fight against climate change and other organizations

Where will these actions be taken?

Africa, uganda, eastern region, kapchorwa district, Barawa division, burguyen village, developing country

What are other key benefits?

Adaptation and use of  modern cooking technology in the society that makes life easy and contributes towards green economy and having  and environment with natural tree species that provides quality living conditions to all people that facilitates development hence reduction ton factors tat leads to climate change

What are the proposal’s costs?


Time line

From 1-5 years will do sensitization and conducting training for the people in different communities to become trainers so that we can have enough man power to disseminate the information and train people every where in the communities and lastly opening up carbon trading Centre for the people to trade and get income from water they are doing to protect the environment from being degraded.

6 years and above we shall open a training school that well teach people on different environmentally accepted technologies, encouraging carbon trading  between the communities and outside nations and lobby resources for infrastructure development in the area and awarding the best people  who are engaged in protecting the environment and expanding our influence in terms of partnership with different organization  within the country of Uganda with the aim of creating sustainable plans for the organization 

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