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Robert Dyson

Oct 21, 2016


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I am qualified to critique the viability of what you suggest but in principle if seems a good plan. There are already innovations in ovens and refrigeration in Africa and I am sure what you are suggesting fits in with those. I think we often look a big, dramatic solutions when in fact some small improvements in a process used by millions can make a huge difference as well as given people responsibility for their own environment. The other issue is that innovation breeds more innovation - once people see that a small change can make a big difference for them other improvements will be developed by those users.

Musana Phillip

Jan 26, 2017


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Thank you for your comment indeed am encouraged to continue implementing this proposal because people in my communities of influence have embraced this innovation and they pray that trainings continue so that they can be enlighten more of how such clean cooking technology is relevant  and this remains a challenge to everyone because climate change is real so resilience measures and adaptation must developed more so from the locally available resources 

thank you