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Robert Dyson

Oct 21, 2016


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Probably easier and cheaper to build these sensors from fresh to optimize data gathering and energy use, maybe by having a large solar PV charger attached.

Aadhithya Sujith

Jan 14, 2017


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Hi RobertDyson,

It is a good idea to add a solar charger to it, I recently found a solar panel for $1 from a Chineese store and it works great. By recycling and resuing old smartphones the cost of such a device can be significantly reduced. Also it is easy to connect IOT sensors to smartphones easily and connect the same with internet.

I would appreciate if you could support my proposal.

Thanks & regards


Martin Rojas

Mar 29, 2017


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First of all, great idea! 

It connects to my idea about rural internet. Used old smartphones as hotspots for rural wifi is a great, more applicable idea than what I was thinking. I wonder, what is the range of a cell phone wifi hotspot? or if it can be amplified?

 I will follow your idea to see what comes out of it. 

Best regards,



Aadhithya Sujith

Apr 16, 2017


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Thanks Jury for selecting my proposal for the next round and for your insightful questions & suggestion. Please find the revisions below.

  1. In the main description summary I have explained more on the potential of phones in use over old phones to support with real time and accurate information gathering. I have refined my proposal including both old recycled smartphones & smartphones currently in use.
  2. I have added more information on implementation and technical details for implementation based on "HiJack" which is a hardware/software platform. Under the headline "What actions do you propose?"

  3. I Have also added more information on stakeholder engagement by collaborating with different sources which will help to realize the project and explained more on a open source approach for project deployment.

  4. I have reassessed the cost using market cost survey and by asking a few experts in the IOT industry on an approximate cost to develop the project by explaining the project to them.