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Bruno Marino

Feb 10, 2017


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The complex nature of an effective "early warning" system for communities involving human-biosphere interactions is daunting and has few examples for comparison. However, humanity and particularly communities that are vulnerable to climate change can be assisted by enhancing community resilience to a changing biosphere. The proposed early warning system  is the result of combining direct greenhouse gas measurement, agroforestry, carbon finance and cultural ingenuity in an autonomous data collection and reporting system. The system architecture and details of instrumentation placement and integration with community actions are to be developed and created on the ground with community participation. The fundamental innovation in this proposal is the inclusion of real-time measurement of the molecular dynamics for CO2, CH4 and N2O in the overall system data. The proposal is the first-of-its-kind. The results of the work could serve as a model for the numerous small communities that are vulnerable to climate change and related factors across Ghana and Africa.