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Aadhithya Sujith

Apr 17, 2017


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In reply to Jury's evaluation results.

We are grateful to the judges for their previous evaluation and comments. Our submission now provides more details on how individual training and preparedness shall fit into community preparedness, into the institutions, and how our initiatives shall bridge multiple stakeholders (besides the insurers and the buyers of insurance). Specifically, we have discussed these in the “What Actions Do You Propose” section, under sub-sections E & F and thereafter. As our platform is at a nascent stage, we have provided some hypothetical user scenarios, and briefly proposed pilot project sites. We have deliberately kept the scope of the project fairly open, for example in terms of whether the platform will directly interface with insurers’ own systems, and we expect to sculpt the platform after discussions with judges, mentors and prospective stakeholders.The incentives and rewards we have listed, including those with regard to insurance, are not an exhaustive list, since different nations and communities may have different economic or cultural nuances.

Thanks & regards

Dr. Mitul Sarkar & Aadhithya