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A contest for most effective preparedness investment



There is not enough data about preparedness investment effectiveness. In order to collect such data there needs to be an incentive. A contest for most effective preparedness investment would incentivize the collection of such data. Contest candidates would be required to document the effectiveness of investments in preparedness. An appropriate prize would be awarded. The data could be used to show the effectiveness of preparedness investment. Reports could be generated and published showing the most effective preparedness investment strategies.

What actions do you propose?

Seek contest prize sponsors

Publish contest announcement

Collect preparedness investment effectiveness data

Award prize

Publish reports of most effective preparedness investments

Who will take these actions?

Contest sponsors

Contest candidates

Where will these actions be taken?

Contest eligibility should be universal

What are other key benefits?

Recognition of specific preparedness investment effectiveness increases chance of continued or increased investment

Potential preparedness investors will more likely invest if they have data supporting effectiveness of specific strategies.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Possibly zero as sponsors may use marketing budgets for contest sponsorship.

Time line

Frequency of contest would be based on level of success.

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