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Edmond Dantes

May 23, 2017


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This is a great idea. I think there are two crucial elements to it that really maximise its value. The first is locally developed content for a local audience. No matter where in the world you look, the way to get people to pay attention to- and remember something is to tell them a compelling story. What better way to get people thinking seriously about climate change adaptation than to immerse them in an entertaining dramatic narrative.

I think the second crucial element that also really hits the nail on the head is the 'broadcast' nature (duh) of a tv (or web-based) series. The goal is to inform people and set in motion a call to action. You can do that either by sending around teams of engineers and climate scientists and workshop facilitators and spend hours organising logistics, local contacts, venues, catering, and all the rest....for every single province (or even village!)....Or, you can simply film a series that is broadcast to the whole country. And if the narrative is compelling enough, you will get people discussing the content on an ongoing basis (i.e. week to week) rather than just a one of workshop.


However, I'd say that this idea would really need to be supported by a website where people can find the appropriate resources to enable them to undertake effective adaptation planning. This would range from the basics of climate chang; specific projections for the country (or even broken down into coastal - floodplain/delta - savannah - mountains - etc); and templates and guides on how to undertake planning (e.g. how to organise workshops, funding frameworks, various adaptation options, disaster planning, stakeholder engagement). I also think eventually some kind of disaster management app or even an early warning text messaging system (seriously, they register once, and then a forecast system does the rest) that notifies citizens in the expected affected area and reminds them to follow their local disaster management plan.

I don't think the costs for this proposal are all that big. Once the basic narrative structure is determined, it can be "localised" to suit each country/culture. The same goes for the website content and app etc. The core elements don't need to change. Just some translation and tweaking to suit difference between cultures.

This isn't a virus that needs to be eradicated and can only be led by high-trained medical practitioners. It's long-term issue that we still have time to plan and ready ourselves for. And to do that all you need to do is empower and enable communities, and they'll do the rest!

Good luck!