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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin.



The ultimate answer to anticipating climate hazards is to stop Global Warming.

This can be accomplished by converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy, e.g. from oil, coal and natural gas to solar, wind and water energies.

You’ve heard the term “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”; well in this case it is true.

The Renewable Energy Collector System itself will do much more than the usual. The unique collector system is conical in shape. The cone shape allows for the generation of “fluid force” known as kinetic energy, utilizing air and/or water, with: streams; rivers; waves; tidal, both in and out, using squirrel cage blower wheels, fan blades, etc., and generators. The fluids flowing through the conical shape cause the increase in pressure necessary to drive the blowers/fans etc., driving the electric generators.

I can harvest this energy better than most; in addition to kinetic energy, solar energy is also harnessed. My invention incorporates a dual-axis solar-tracker control that is, perhaps, more accurate than GPS. The control aims the collector directly at the Sun, thereby receiving the maximum output of the Sun 100% of the time when it is in direct line of site. This will also allow for the maximum output of photovoltaic cells for generating electricity by looking directly at the Sun. Renewable Energy is the wave of the future and is highly necessary to ward off Global Warming.

What actions do you propose?

Continue with the current strategies of implementing renewable energies and, expand same with patent number 8,710,414.[1] [7]

(See references for 1 possibility)

People living near the ocean should prepare to elevate their homes by jacking them up approximately 2 feet. It is estimated that the sea level could rise up to 20 inches in the next 100 years.[2]

A new study doubles that prediction.[3]

Other opinions:[4],[6]

If the above is not performed, then I recommend getting a boat, because your front yard might be underwater.

I currently have a solution under going voting in the fuel category; please consider that solution as a part of this submission.[8]

Who will take these actions?

Everybody! Global warming affects everybody, in one way or the other. 

Where will these actions be taken?

World-wide, everywhere hazards are anticipated. Everyone can survive by taking early actions. Floods and Ocean waters can overtake and contaminate fresh waters everywhere. Rising sea levels will cause rivers to back up and contaminate the fresh water with salt water.

What are other key benefits?

Safe drinking water is one key benefit; saving aquatic life is another.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Very little if, everyone works together; a barter system would work.[5]

Time line

2017 - 2027

Related proposals

A cashless bank would also work; volunteering can work too.  





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