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Stories provoke curiosity and discussion. When Climate design solutions is open, a more resilient communities.



Public awareness campaigns and community engagement initiatives.

Infographics and media is known for effective community engagement. If we have collections of emoji's, we should have a collection of climate design solution infographics and media that is open source. Stored in a single platform for sharing capabilities on social media platforms.

What actions do you propose?

Make climate design solutions infographics that is open source and shareable.

Who will take these actions?

Inviting creative talents and organizations to take action

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

A knowledgeable person would be more ready to take action

What are the proposal’s costs?

None. it can be stored on organizations databases as free resources or be host free by CSR

Time line

5-15 = Climate designs will have 2,000 infographics available

15-50 = Billions of people applied the knowledge

50=100 = A world built through open source climate designs

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