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On time of disasters cause by climate hazards no one can save you but yourselves.



Pact basic income is basically a salary for saving yourself and the community through preparation and restoration. When climate hazards has been identified and the community you living in is vulnerable you are now listed to receive a pact. This pact is important for you to survive and make your community more resilient by rebuilding it and be listed for future new homes in a safer and economic place. A community targeted by climate hazards has no option but to save themselves however it's late when they act.

Your Green Job on times of Climate hazards:

  • Prepare
  • Save
  • Evacuate
  • Care
  • Rebuild
  • Restore
  • Restart
  • Build better


What actions do you propose?

Giving salary in times of climate hazards when an incoming disaster is known in a community. They will get this salary when they do the job to save themselves, their families and friends by acting early and timely.`

For that long month they will help prepare the community to move in a safer place and Start a green Job to rebuild and restore.

Who will take these actions?

Government banks or financial institutions is task to make this happen through the support of businesses, organizations and individuals.

Where will these actions be taken?

The Philippines has been prone to climate hazards. So many lost lives because of late actions of the community.

What are other key benefits?

With this concept solution a man's life is encourage to save his/her life and save the communities future will gain a sustainable and resilient place to live and grow. Society is working for himself/herself, family, business and government but when they are vulnerable to extreme disasters they are disabled and has no where to go. They may run far enough but cannot stay longer to survive without on time support.

A knowledgeable community that is trained to take actions timely would produce an outcome for greater good.

Economy revival is one main key benefit. WE believe that when there is work, there is production and growth.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Project Cost:

$100 million

$200 for every individual with micro insurance, food, safe home to stay for short a while and community fund for tools in rebuilding and restoration efforts

Time line

Short term:

Saving lives and restoration

Medium term:

Building better designs and ensuring green environment

Long term:

Able to place them in a safer place to live and grow. Making this project cost sustainable without outside support through funding from the fruits of their labor by saving lives and value of green economy

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