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Orenaike Tosin

Jul 3, 2017


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Hello from my side. I think this is a very interesting project and i would like to get involve.

On the other hand, I have a few pointer I think is worth adding. I would suggest if its possible, you be more specific on which coastal region in Nigeria CLA project will be carried out,maybe a pilot region or state, or if an asseessmet would be carried out  first, rather than saying, "CLA is primarily designed for coastal communities in Nigeria that depends on natural ecosystem resources for livelihoods and who are loosing their livelihoods due to ravaging flooding event" which seems generic. 

All the best!!!


Glory Izimah

Jul 13, 2017


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Thank you Tosin for your comment and suggestion. Though late reply but you are highly appreciated.

I may need to add you as a contributor so we can both work on improving the idea for the adaptation contest. Let me know if this is okay by you.

Thanks once again.