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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Contest Judges found this proposal interesting, with the potential to improve resilience against drought and water scarcity. They also valued the novelty of the proposal.

However, they felt it did not clearly address the core emphasis of this contest on early warning systems and early response. They noted that this proposal may be better suited to a future contest the A2R Initiative aims to run on the "Reshape" pillar of the A2R Initiative (, and would encourage you to reapply at that time.

Some considerations Judges felt needed to be addressed within the proposal include:
- scalability
- land rights
- costs + externalities
- environmental impact assessment

They felt additional attention could be paid to an environmental impact assessment of the proposed actions on the Gulf, noting that large scale freshwater extraction through desalinization will increase salinity in the gulf and affect ecosystems in and livelihoods dependent on the gulf. They also observed that while benefits may be observed in Texas, it was less clear why residents of California would want to bear such cost externalities, as well as expressing concerns about the overall costs of desalination. Additionally, they had concerns about the ability to scale the concept, and land rights.

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