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Ninh Nguyen

Feb 12, 2018


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I am involved in the food security area in Vietnam and inevitably also involved in the climate change area although I am not an expert in the latter. Vietnam is facing the same seriuos issue of sea coast erosion. Mangrove is the best and most sustainable answer to the problem. As such I fully support your idea. And to make the planted mangrove sustainable, I am sure, you already look into technical solutions. The financial solution is Natcat insurance. As the Philippine coastlines are very prone to tropical storm, make sure that your insurer(s) are ready to provide you sufficient protection. Given the fact, they may be ready to offer you a very high trigger limit, that might not be very useful for you. But, generally, I very much support your idea. I am sure, it will be very beneficial, not only to the neighboring bangarays, but also the crabs, fishes, shrimps, etc. who will find a good habitat there. Believe me, they are our friends; they also love to move to a new home. Please do it.

Lovella Libertad

Feb 12, 2018


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I strongly agree with your proposal.  Educating communities of the importance of mangroves is one of the least priorities in barangays. In fact, some communities do not even know how to take care of their mangrove areas, only to realize its importance when storms and typhoons devastate their communities. Your proposal will not only create awareeness on the importance of mangrove plantation, but it will also jumpstart the initiative in the locality.  May I strongly suggest you include the Samar Province as one of your sites for implementation? Samar Province being one of the poorest provinces of the country, your cash for work program would b most welcome.  You're ond the right track. Let's do this!

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