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How will this proposal prevent fatalities and damages? The proposal authors can work with the Impact Assessment Fellows to estimate this proposal's fatality and damage prevention. Once calculated, the table will show low and high estimates for fatality and damage prevention in five categories. Need help?
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Proposal’s Fatality and Damage Prevention
Region Sub-region Category Low Estimate High Estimate

Economic damages [$]

1600000.0 (10.0%)8000000.0 (50.0%)

Fatalities [ppl]

10000.0 (5.0%)50000.0 (25.0%)

People severely affected [ppl]

300000.0 (10.0%)750000.0 (25.0%)

People affected [ppl]

1600000.0 (20.0%)4000000.0 (50.0%)

Cultural damages [km2]

0.0 (0.0%)0.0 (0.0%)