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Philip Philleson

Mar 19, 2018


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If you make a list of every item you can think of, see, or hear about you will find that the first or original person that discovered that idea was NOT the person that became known for that item as we commonly know today as "The Inventor".  Examples of this are the light bulb was NOT invented by Thomas Edison nor was the automobile invented by Henry Ford, yet today most people believe they were the inventors.    This project entry by Fred Ball is one of those historic projects that will take a highly skilled team of people to bring it to commercial value.  If you read in detail Mr. Balls entry you will see it is backed up by science and credible people who are "doers", not teachers or others who repeat what others have discovered and accomplished.  The one downfall of this project is today's cost to complete the engineering and put this item into production to make it affordable.  And, oh yes, it is disruptive technology NOT a scam, hoax or other names that non-thinking young engineers and protectionist my label it.  This project will be built as I know the U.S. Navy has worked on similar equipment and Michlin is now producing tires based on a variation of this technology.  So people, put your thinking caps on and stop rereading old books.