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Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Aug 3, 2017


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Thanks for submitting to the adaptation contest! We look forward to seeing how you develop other categories like 'costs/challenges' etc.

Best wishes,


Hari Krishnaa

Aug 13, 2017


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Dear Sohanur Rahman,


Sincere appreciation for thinking about women's empowerment adaptation to climate change. Women make essential contributions to the agricultural and rural economies in all developing countries, especially in countries like Bangladesh. Several research studies have shown that women tend to subsistence agriculture for house hold food security compared to that of men. Therefore, your proposal of strengthening adaptive capacity of women farmers is much appreciated. I have a few comments and suggestions to assist your proposal:

1. I find too many objectives mixed up in your proposal. It will be good to bring a focus to one or two main objectives and defend these objectives with solid background reasoning.

2. Initiatives such as using ICT to help farmers decision making, with a focus on women farmers need to expand on a scale. However, such Initiatives are not completely new either. It's difficult to catch innovative element in your proposal. For Instance, your proposal looks in to using ICT strengthen women farmers market-based adaptation. Can you think of using ICT to help women farmers ability to understand climate change better get early warning and adapt farming practices accordingly? I suggest you revisit the proposal and strengthen the Innovative part of it?

3. Finally, you need to strengthen climate change context In Bangladesh and Impact on women's farmers and why you think It's Important to focus on women farmers? 

Wishing you all the best

Hari Krishnaa