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Fobreco promotes climate-smart approaches for adaptation at farm and landscape level through drip irrigation and catchment management



The proposal intend to promote water use efficiency and water harvesting in the catchment for recharge of water resources through promotion of conservation agriculture and drip irrigation at farm level. At farm level the technologies will ensure water use efficiency. The proposal is promoting movable solar powered drip irrigation system for land size of 2 - 5 ha. At catchment level we advocate for construction of trenches, tree regeneration, contour ridging and small dams construction for water harvesting. The will help in recharging water resources for irrigation and domestic use.

The interventions are aimed at addressing the problem of drought due to climate change and variability which is affecting crop production in smallholder farms. The prolonged drought have resulted into low crop productivity hence food and income insecurity in Malawi. The proposed technologies are focusing on water use efficiency so that the available water is maximized and also encouraging rain water harvesting at the catchment which can be used for irrigation. The other component is catchment rehabilitation as most areas have been deforested encouraging runoffs and erosion hence tree regeneration and contour ridging will help in address erosion problem and directly promoting water harvesting.

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