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Hari Krishnaa

Jul 26, 2017


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Thanks for Initiating your proposal on catchment management and drip irrigation for resilience building in Malawi. It appears that your proposal is yet to be completed. However, I want to make a few early comments and hope that will be helpful in finalizing your proposal for the contest.

The economy of Malawi is heavily dependent agricultural sector and frequent droughts cause serious and consistent damage to country's economy and peoples livelihoods. According to a report from International Food Policy Research INstitute (IFPRI), Malawi loses 1.7 percent of its gross domestic product on average every year due to the combined effects of droughts and floods (Ref- Effective and sustainable catchment management thus play a very important role in addressing food security and recurrent disasters in Malawi. The Importance of drop Irrigation has been stated repeatedly over the years in Malawi, but the practice is not catching up at a required pace.

 I hope that the author of this proposal will complete all sections required in the format. Most Importantly, the author needs offer an Innovative approach in promoting drip irrigation. I'd recommend the author to look at following web links-

Thank you

Hari Krishna



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