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Toyin Oshaniwa

Aug 18, 2017


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Dear RAC Platform,

The RAC Platform seems more technical with some well defined environmental benefits. But the innovative approach did not address or mention how RAC Platform will contribute to social aspect of building agricultural resilience in the suggested communities. How do RAC Platform intend to address, cultural or communication challenges or barriers while implementing the project. Also the choice of countries for project implmentation do not address the school of taught on climate injustice, global south nations suffer more the impacts of climate change, hope the few points helps in reflecting and reviewing your proposal.


Pia Jensen

Aug 19, 2017


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As a longtime gardener and permaculture practitioner, I always feel there's nothing like having hands-on the garden or farm to best assess conditions. But, that said, I do appreciate tools to help people growing crops. Have you seen this form Hackaday?

Easy Planter Gallery created by JamesCannan • 12/10/2015 at 14:47A Simple Way Of Monitoring Plants To Make Sure They Are Getting What They Need.