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Hari Krishnaa

Sep 6, 2017


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Thank you for submitting a proposal that deals with a very Important Issue of water induced disasters. I'm sure, this activity of rain water harvesting must be a very Important need In the North and Uva province of Sri Lanka.

I'd like to make following observations on your proposal:

1. Your proposal deals with four major activities: 1. Construction of rain water harvesting In schools, refugee centers, habitations of vulnerable communities, 2. Training and capacity development of professionals, communities, NGOs, officers, etc. 3. Establishment of mobile weather stations at schools, 4. Mass public awareness through the website, IEC, etc.

2. It was difficult to find coherence between above-mentioned activities. They look stand alone. For instance, what is the connection between weather stations at schools and rain water harvesting? They both are significant on their own, but in your proposal do they have a logical connection? Please check. 

3. The Title of your proposal says Rain water harvesting for reducing drought and floods. You have discussed drought but you didn't offer any Indication as to how you plan to reduce flood risk through rain water harvesting? You may want to check and articulate this aspect better!

4. Creating and promoting rain water harvesting system, training different stakeholders is a proven adaptation strategy since many decades. What is the Novelty or Innovation in what you propose to do? Is your rain water harvesting system different and better than those that have been tested so far? Or you offering any Innovative approach in promoting rain water harvesting in communities?. Please check and note that Climate CoLab encourages Novel and Innovative   Ideas and practices.

You may have some thing novel in your mind, which may not be reflecting in your submission so far. my advice would be to revisit the proposal and see if you would like to update it with some Innovative and feasible Ideas to Increase your chances In the contest.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Hari Krishna

Tanuja Ariyananda

Sep 8, 2017


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Dear Hari Krishnaa


Thank you for you comments and suggestions. I will take them into accounts and amend the proposal accordingly.

Thanks again.

Best wishes


Biplab Paul

Sep 8, 2017


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hi Tanuja; 

Nice Idea.

Our social enterprise Naireeta Services ( are working with ultra poor farmers in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Africa to assist them to co-create our World Bank Development Marketplace, UNFCCC (Momentum for Change ie UN Climate Change award), Millennium Alliance (DFID), Securing Water For Food (USAID) and Social Venture Challenge Asia wining innovation #BHUNGROO. Through BHUNGROO, we are enabling ultra poor women smallholders/ marginal farmers to collect and harvest rainwater to get rid of excess water during flood and use the same stored water for dry season irrigation especially to fight against drought.

We are working on the subject from 1999 and got implemented more than 3000 units across India as well as our innovation is now Government of India's NRLM policy.    

Will love to assist you in your proposal as we are planning to expand in Sri Lanka, (we might get invited within south south partnership between India and Sri Lanka)   


Biplab Paul



fb: Naireeta Services