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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal seems feasible given the emphasis on learning from Mayan materials and construction and we appreciate the co-benefit of restoring traditional architecture. The project stops short of actually proposing new construction of such buildings, which is probably wise. That said, the proposal does not address questions around how traditional materials and construction can be integrated into new construction, building codes, etc. In other words, can one learn from the past and gain those benefits while providing modern amenities that would enable such structures to have mass appeal?

It would be helpful if you could compare this effort to others -like architects who are going back to traditional building materials or communities who have maintained their architectural styles through the ages - show how those communities are thriving. It would be good to compare a traditional house to a modern one with real numbers about heat morbidity and mortality, energy use intensity etc. Some photos of the traditional houses and the people who live in them would be good. Show off the particular features - air flow, thick walls, etc., that make them more resilient than modern. Saying something about the social equity elements - that this helps poor and women would be good. You talk about renovating, why not also build new this way? If that is not financially feasible, or the raw materials no longer exist or something, make that clearer.

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