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Pia Jensen

Aug 9, 2017


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Interesting proposal. Certainly putting water into aquifers has merit for long-term water supplies. Does the desalination process include removal/filtration of toxins? I'm wondering about several things, 1) BP's oil spill and use of corexit, 2) agricultural runoff, 3) sewage, and 4) toxic algae. I think the water from the Gulf of Mexico must be tested for a variety of toxins before considering the design and process of this project.

Pia Jensen

Aug 10, 2017


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The following article describes my concern about pollutants:

Some Tuna Can Carry Up To 36 Times The Toxic Chemicals Of Others. Here's Why


"more than 60 percent of yellowfin samples caught in the Gulf of Mexico — contained pollutant levels that would have triggered health advisories in some segments of the population, including pregnant and nursing women."