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Meredith Adler

Jul 23, 2018


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It is an interesting idea to have one electric powered unit that can accomplish all of these functions. However, it does not seem to me that small businesses in Ontario would benefit from investment in developing such a device, rather if it was commercialized they could be an intended end-user. Perhaps refocus the proposal on how and why Ontario SMEs would use this technology. 

Emil Jacob

Aug 10, 2018


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Dear Meredith,

My apologies foe for not responding earlier. I did not see the message until today.

I definitely need to spell out how small businesses in Ontario would benefit from investment in this new way of heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling as delivered by the current HVAC model are a significant portion of the expenses of small businesses.

The Universal Ceiling Fan (UCF) lowers costs via two features:

1) Sensors  -  energy is only used when and where humans are present in a specific area.  The current HVAC model is limited to the thermostat which activates heating and cooling for an entire floor or building regardless of human presence in any area.

2) No shafts -  the UCF model produces the heating or cooling close to where it needs to be delivered - i.e. where humans are present. The HVAC model needs to push cold or warm air trough shafts to reach the various areas losing energy along the way and requiring pumps which themselves require energy. 

3) Superior ambiance - increased productivity - with the higher air quality produced by the UCF employees will be more productive than in the current HVAC model where there are often issues of too much heat or air conditioning, as well as too little

4) Lower costs for new commercial spaces - to be built without the complexity and the expense of shafts, gas pipes, water pipes for sprinklers, carbon monoxide detectors  and more 

This is a summary of the potential for small businesses in Ontario. I am adding engineers to the team to show the calculations of lower energy costs of the UCF model.

Thank you for considering this feedback,



Emil Jacob

Aug 28, 2018


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Dear Judges,

Thank you for your feedback and for the encouraging words.

I reopened the proposal in Buildings Workspace and will have an electrical engineer join the team to show the calculations.


Emil Jacob