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3D Rain by Water Dust

Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Comments from Judge 1:
While it is very interesting speaking about the topic of water supply to reduce the GHG emissions, the innovative aspects of the proposal should be better explained. In particular, applying the 3D technology to this topic should be better clarified: generally speaking, 3D printing is used for personalized solutions, while the dimensions of the faucets are more or less uniform. Moreover, could be even cheaper to produce an industrial number of standardized adaptors to be distributed among the population rather than to print single elements every time. Furthermore, there are some references to data that are not so clear. For example, the 52% of the reduction with adaptors, where does it come from? Is it an average in Argentina? And why just these 4 countries where to apply the project?

Comments from Judge 2:
An interesting idea with potential for large scale impact. More detail on design, implementation, and buy in would be useful. How does the group plan to create a change in all faucets using this technology? Has it been done before in a case study? The idea is good and would benefit from further refinement.

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