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An act of A person not genuine but unplanned projects & shortsighted vision leads to disaster which result in environmental damages



4  To balance the environment it is suggested that every mankind should be heavily taxed for the generation of any toxic gases which he intents directly or indirectly to produce either Goods,Transportation or,Services which would intern reach a threat to the environment,besides an educational drive should be initiated to educate  the bast alternate method falling under Eco-friendly or green environment.

In today's scenario it is very essential  to identify non-productive areas directly or indirectly  affecting the climatic conditions also taking atoll on the lives of younger generation which should be arrested immediately &support the conservation of forest ,rivers &Industries to ensure healthy environment & safe living.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

6 Thermal  power generation plant to replace by hydro-electrical power generation diesel/gas ,coke fired engine & driven to replace by electrical driven arrangements. vehicles emitting undesirable poisonous/hazardous carbon should be disapproved & replace to fresh air media for a healthy environment.

The toxic & poisonous carbon/if reduced or prevented shall directly be responsible for the change of climate & thus accounts solely for the global warming &the negative  effect falling on the present climate which will be reaching heavy damages to plantation,crops,fresh air, damaging ozone- layer & also resulting in many incurable disease which directly accounts to the change of climate.

Who will take these actions?

. A well informed care taking Government & their bodies will take the action and initiate various schemes and drives in imparting education and awareness for reducing and eliminating factors responsible for damage to climate and environment , also the private sector and mega business establishment and through CSR The action would be taken and penetrate in the general public.

Where will these actions be taken?

. Every state , every Institute , every district level and remote , rural areas will be covered in the process of environmental safety. How ever it is imperative to give more stress on industrialization and transportation for reducing carbon and related emissions in the atmosphere.


In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2

Saudi Arabia

Country 3


Country 4

United States

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

. The effect of adopting natural resources would never go in scares & there by remain in existence for in very very long duration or you could say forever .

be restored bringing in ecological balance .

The elimination of superficial process & method shall also be The impact & benefits straight falling on the environment shall enhance the life and health of every living species .

The climate & its cycle would responsible for direct impact on soil erosion denying the digging and mining process  for the extraction of coke & allied minerals  ultimately responsible for transformation in to hazardous  & toxic gases which dominate the environmental system.

What are other key benefits?

. The key benefits distantly seen can be witnessed directly where  the availability of natural resources come cheap & thus reach benefit to  business organisation making economical menace  e.g. The reduction in effluent treatment & charges born towards the hazardous emission & thus the carbon pricing.

The key benefits are also seen on the grounds of health & safety which provides a better living there for the improvements on living system will provide safer means an economical cost.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

. The cost & challenges are highly effective transformation of non-polluting technology which will be one time investment & reach benefits for a fairly long time where the new technology preventing or eliminating toxic emission will be neutralized.

The cost envisaged in the above process shall be recovered  & has to be budgeted by the governing heads of every country .


. The thought for controlling the pollution time taken to educate & implement will be a minimum of Zero to Three years .

The effective utilization of time verses deploying of manpower for the construction of dams,which in tern will generate energy of a permanent nature & can be completed with in  three year using the updated planning & execution as of present technology and development on a permanent basis .

About the author(s)

. The author is a student study in Law who has acquired wast information & knowledge about the environment & also concern for the future conservation of energy & environmental threats .

Assisted by friends and colleagues who also carry social& moral responsibility towards the pricing pollution,contamination & distraction to the environment .


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. The pollution control board global warming association prevention of global warming association ,protection of wild life & endangered species.