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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The underlying idea to have a yearly carbon budget as a function of geophysical conditions seems reasonable. It is in line with the UNFCCC agenda since 1992. Now, sees to allocate emission permits to humans instead of countries (which could in turn calculate their allocated permits in terms of population). Ideally this would make sense in terms of individual freedom, yet it poses a number of problems. Technically it could be structured in a distributed Blockchain, yet that wouldn't make everybody participate per se. In fact, only a minority of individulas would likely take an active role in this new market. Probably a wide range of intermediates would emerge, but still big chunks of populations of the planet with not access to IT would be left behind.

Little is said of why this experiment would work better than distributing allocations to countris. Moreover, the question remains about the purchasing and cancelling of permits by emmitting agents.

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