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Francis Van Staa

Feb 28, 2014


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The factor blocking progress in fighting emissions and turning it into an ally?! Seems to dovetail neatly with my suggestion that CarbonDeposits should not be on the balance sheets as assets of companies. (It endangers the complete financial world when the bubble pops!) Removing those "assets" from the equation will make it extremely unprofitable to continue exploring, we have more CarbonDeposits than we can use anyway! The money that was used every year is an enormous amount. If Fossil Fuel companies do not invest that money in sustainable energy of their own accord maybe a little prodding might be in order, but I do not think so. I believe the Financial World could be instrumental; to protect stability, shareholders and in the end the climate. (World Bank?!)

Climate Rescue

Feb 28, 2014


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Thanks! Good example of a proposal topic that could go into this contest. Then interesting to consider integrating this alongside proposals around fixing market externalities. Eg

Laur Hesse Fisher

Apr 11, 2014


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@climaterescue Thanks for your contest suggestion! You write: • Rethinking. How to expand the imaginative space and ambitions for solutions? • Blindspots. What have we been missing that could change the game? • Unblocking. Can the factors blocking climate progress be switched to supporting it? • Integration. How best to combine and upgrade different existing solutions? • C-neg. What's the fastest path to a carbon-negative restorative civilization? These questions provide fodder for great conversation, and I'm hoping you can address how this contest would provide proposals that could be immediately acted upon. Perhaps you are implying this already, but for example, this contest could ask participants to locate specific barriers that are preventing the implementation of a specific climate action, and then ask them to offer solutions that break down those barriers. I also appreciate your suggestion of + - x / proposals on the Climate CoLab and elsewhere. We will be releasing proposal integration in the coming months, but welcome you to expand upon your idea and how we could implement it. Thanks! Laur Fisher For the Climate CoLab team

Charley Quinton

Jun 28, 2014


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All you need to say is "There won't be any more." That begs the question. So what is the question? With an infinite demand, how can any supply be sustainable? King Solomon said, "The leech has two daughters - more and more!" Consumerism itself is like the leech and money is like blood. When the realities hit home to 'more and more' people, the only way to go is DOWN as in energy descent! Just like the Twentieth Century saw an unprecedented race to burn the fossils, the Twenty-first Century must realize a survival strategy to STOP burning them. It's blood simple. Give in, give up, give out, or just give blood.