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Modified, Low-Power Water-Electrolysis Cell Technology for production of pure H2, O2, SOH and storable MOH gases, with lots of applications.



Our Low-Power Water-Electrolysis (LPWE) Cell produces Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrgen (SOH) Gas Composition with as low as 0.4 Wh/L power consumtion, or about 10 times lower than the best world's rates announced today. The SOH Gas can be separated into pure (99.99%) hydrogen and oxygen. The same Cell, after ultrasonic-upgrade, can produce also MOH Gas (Ultrasono-Modifed Oxygen-Hydrogen, patented as Ohmasa Gas in 2008 and 2011 in Japan). Unlike the regular SOH ( which explodes at 2bar and can't be liquefied), the MOH Gas can be pressurized over 200-1000 bar, liquefied at 1bar/-178deg.C, pumped and stored for years in regular carbon-composite CNG / LNG tanks (Hexagon-Xperion) . MOH is 2.5 times denser than the hydrogen, much safer and 100 times cheaper.

Based on this Cell, we can offer the following Applications : ( see them below)

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

Global Hydrogen Economy (GHE) will totally change the world we know. 

Our philosophy is that GHE will make the idea of a global clean economy extremely attractive for the business and the politicians, who typically don't like it at all, to say less.  -  

Our goal is to build a Factory and R&D Center here in Sofia, Bulgaria, for prototyping and mass-production of installations for Hydrogen, SOH, MOH clean fuels and systems as Power/heat /fuel Generators, MOH Gas-Electric and Reaction Engines, Gas Turbines, Basalt-Fiber Composite Installations, Gas-Electric Cars, Trucks, Drones, etc.

Our low-power hydrogen-producing technology will offer dozens of applications for building up this idea, as follows :  

1. All the existing Coal-Fired and Fossil-Fired Power Stations will be converted - not only to burn, but also to produce pure hydrogen and clean MOH gas fuels, at an almost zero-cost, generating tremendous incomes.  -  
2. Nuclear Power Stations will also produce clean Hydrogen and MOH out of water, using cheap power, produced in the off-peak hours. -  
3. Solar and Wind Power Plants will produce and store 100% clean and renewable hydrogen and MOH out of water, at an extremely low cost. -  
4. Lots of households, small and larger businesses will have their own Autonomous Off-Grid Hydrogen Generator for low-cost clean Power, Heat and Car-Fuel's generation.  -  
5. All Cars and else Vehicles, incl. : Trucks ; Mining, Military, Construction, etc. Heavy-Machinery ; Ships, Airplanes  -,  Drones, Spaceships  - , will use clean Gas-Turbine-Generator Engines, Pulse-Detonation, SOH-Gas-Imposion-Engines, or highly-effective  MOH-Seebeck Gas-Electric Engines with no rotating parts, fueled by 100% clean and renewable, pressurized (200bar) CMOH or liquefied (1bar/-178C) LMOH gas. A car with a 100L LMOH Tank will have a drive range of over 1,000 miles . Compact, Containerized, low-cost Modular H2/MOH-Refueling Stations will be placed along the roads or inside the cities  -  
6. SOH Gas will be used for low-cost production of superstrong, super-lightweight, super-cheap, stainless, fireproof and UV-proof Basalt-Fiber Composite (BFC) Building&Engineering, 100% clean and renewable Materials, which will replace the concrete, steel, bricks, ceramics, mortars, plasters, etc. extremely polluting materials and industries. Basalt is abundant (30% of the Earth) and one of the cheapest raw materials ($2/ton). The SOH Gas-Plasma Energy for the Basalt's Thermal-Shock Mining and Crashing, Melting, Fiber-Drawing, Weaving, Welding and Mold-Forming into prefabricated and finished, ready-to-use assembly-modular BFC parts, is also extremely low-cost.   -  
7. BFC will be used for fast building with prefabricated modules, of extremely cheap and strong : Assembly-modular Houses  -, Towers, Factories, Vertical Farms   -, Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Pipelines, Hyperloops   -, Domes with artificial Climate   -, Dams, Ships, Floating Islands & Archipelgos  -,   Flying Roads   -, Stratospheric and Space Structures   -, OrbitalMoon etc. Planetary / Asteroid Human Bases, Colonies and Settlements   -, etc.  
8. The new structural material will be a base for building the new 100% clean and wasteless Cities of the Future - the Smart Cities  -  

9. BFC will be used for building of Assembly-Modular Vertical Multifloor Aeroponic and Livestock Farms (V-Farms), for production - on multiple floors, of 20+ crops per year of greenleaf food, plus fresh and grain fodder ; with 97% water and 100% herbicide savings ; 24h LED-lighting, fixed temp and humidity, sterile 100% germless environment, with 30% additional CO2-enrichment, also Aquaculture as Fish, Crab, Shrimp, Oyster ; Protein-Richest (57%) and aminoacid-richest Algae Spirulina Platensis for production of various protein-rich fatless healthy foods as artificial meat, bread, cheese, milk, etc. foods, plus Livestock Multifloor Farm, fully-sealed and hermetized for sterile & germless environment  and zero-emissions of Methane, CO2, H2S - today's greatest pollutants of the Atmosphere and main GHG / Climate Change-Agents . All the processes turning the V-Farm's Plants and Animals into foods etc. products ( leather, etc.), will be 100% wasteless. V-Farms will also produce fuels - Methane and 100% clean and renewable SOH and storable MOH gas.  -  . 
10. The V-Farms could be used for greenleaf production of Biomass as a fuel for Biogas or as fodder  production, for example the giant lieves of the fastest (8 years)-growing tree - Paulownia, which leaves could be dried and pelletized into highly-calorific, perfectly-storable Biomass Fuel.  - .  
11. Waste-Incinerators for Ultrahigh-Temperature (2,500 deg.C) SOH-Gas-Plasma Combustion and full-Destruction (Annihilation) and Deactivation, with Gas-Scrubber, producing zero harmful emissions, of all kinds of wastes, even toxic, bio-hazard and radioactive.  - .  
12. All the City's main roads, highways and parkings will be elevated 20,50,100,200,300 m high in the air, thus releasing most of the existing streets for gardens, parks and pedestrian / social activities zones. No more city-traffic nightmares - smoke, smell, congestions, noise, accidents, no parking places. Inter-City Flying Highways will fly over hills, rivers, lakes, bays, rough or urbanized terrains  - https://flyroad.alle.bg .  
13. The super-strong, lightweight, cheap, chemically and UV-resistant BFC will be used for building Floating Islands, Archipelagos and vast new Territories in the Ocean, for placing various Cities  - , Industries, Plantations & Farms - no more land degradation, rainforest destruction, deforestation, desertification. No expensive land purchase, taxes, fees, duties. Various tropical Fruits as Dwarf-Tree Banana, Oranges, Pineapple, Mango, Cocoa, Coffee, Palm Oil, Apples, Plums, Grapes, etc. will be cultivated on floors. , Clean Fuel Refineries  -,   Floating Highways, Ports, Terminals ,  etc.   
14. SOH Gas Power Plants will be placed in the deserts for non-stop pumping water out of deep wells, desalinating / purifying / deionizing seawater, capturing and condensing water vapor out of the air, and irrigating vast territories, turning them into green gardens  - . 
15. SOH Gas Power Plants will be used for capturing CO2 from the Air (, processing it into CO and combining it with the Hydrogen produced, in a Fischer-Tropsch Cycle, for production a wide range of low-cost hydrocarbons as fuels - methanol, ethanol, methane ; Polymers, Textile Fibers, Medicines, Foods, Fertilizers, etc.  -  
16. Tropo-Stratospheric Airship Platforms filled with thousands of Hermetic Ultrastrong & Lightweight Graphene Hydrogen Containers will hover aloft and telescope-observe the Earth and Space, providing also HD Radio / TV, Telecom, Internet Services and aerial online HD GPS ("see behind the bend") control for safe-driving even in zero-visibility (fog, blizzard, fire smoke, winding road, etc.), plus full remote command of swarms of drones  -  , for direct & active road-traffic observation & control, minimizing the 25,000 road-victims per year in EU, down to zero.  -  
17. Worldwide Mass-Production of clean fuels, materials and systems by our technologies, will generate enormous incomes, which will be used through our UBI Program for individual and business grants for boosting the Clean Global Economy  -  

We believe our technologies will strongly impact today's problems as : Climate Changes, Air-Soil-Water Pollution, Deforestation, Desertification, Poverty, Hunger, Lack of Power Supply, Tap & Irrigational Water Scarcity, Unemployment, Homelessness, Poor or Lacking Road etc. Infrastructure, Epidemics, Lack of Healthcare, Education and Culture, Wars and Terror .


Who will take these actions?

Grainis ltd. Hydrogen Bulgaria,

RFuel Inc. USA -

Where will these actions be taken?

Economic Zone Bojurishte - Sofia, Bulgaria .

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2

United States

Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

Our technologies will have a tremendous impact on the greenhouse gas emissions and the climate changes.

What are other key benefits?

We believe our technologies will strongly impact today's problems as : Climate Changes, Air-Soil-Water Pollution, Deforestation, Desertification, Poverty, Hunger, Lack of Power Supply, Tap & Irrigational Water Scarcity, Farming, Industry, Unemployment, Homelessness, Poor or Lacking Road etc. Infrastructure, Epidemics, Lack of Healthcare, Education and Culture, Wars and Terror .


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

EUR 10,000,000 excl. VAT.


Building the Factory - 3 years.

First Prototypes : 4 years. 

First Mass-Production - 5 years. 

First visible / measurable impacts on pollution and climate - 10 years . 

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