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Betsy Agar

Aug 26, 2017


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Combining solar with battery systems and "smart" technology is increasingly popular, mostly because of major strides in the technology. Blockchain is rapidly taking hold as the next generation of "smart tech" and is in operation at the Brooklyn Microgrid. Although the battery side of this combination is less important in urban centres that are grid-connected, Tesla is finding markets at the outer reaches of transmission grids where the power quality begins to seriously decline. I look forward to reading more details as you flesh out this proposal, particularly those that distinguish it from existing similar projects.

Michal Monit

Sep 6, 2017


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Hi Urval, 

I think it would be helpful if you could spell out all the abbreviations you're using, as you're using lots, e.g. SLD = system-level design?, EPC = engineering, procurement, construction, T&D = transmission and distribution, SPV = solar PV?.

I know you're running a private company, but have you tried reaching out to interesting social impact ventures and non-profits in the region, such as or There are definitely some opportunities to partner up!

Finally, your single, most-promising part of the proposal might not be technical! You mention pre-paid meters and arguably what is needed for solar power to keep on expanding is novel and better financing and business models.

Good luck!