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Hung Vo

Jan 4, 2018


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I think waste is a fantastic and often overlooked topic for you to address through this proposal. By the Jan 7, 2018 deadline, please articulate the remaining sections of this proposal, including impacts/benefits; costs/challenges; countries; and climate variability implications. Further, can you think of examples where this has been achieved? More detailed information can greatly help your proposal.

Sam Carana

Jan 5, 2018


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Thanks for commenting, Hung. Some words have been added to clarify some of the points you raised. 

Selection of implementation in any specific nation(s) is not applicable. This proposal calls for a global commitment with action taken not merely in one nation or up to five nations, but instead taken around the world, as described on the image. 

There is no lack of examples as to how legislation could be implemented, in regard to action on the various forms of pollution. In France and Belgium, the bonus-malus system has been in place for years to reduce pollution by cars. In Canberra, Australia, government uses differential motor vehicle duty, to reduce transport-related carbon dioxide emissions. Numerous places use deposits on containers to support, e.g., recycling of bottles.  

Regarding costs/challenges, the following paragraph has been added: 
Instead of costs, there are huge benefits associated with implementation of the Climate Plan and responsible handling of inorganic waste. There are no economic nor technical reasons to delay implementation of this proposal. Instead of costs, negative sides or other problems there are numerous benefits. The challenge is to increase awareness that translates into the necessary political action. 

Martin Stone

Apr 12, 2019


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Sophia Thomas

Oct 3, 2019


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Laila Sheikh

Nov 20, 2019


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Humaira Shah

Nov 29, 2019


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Stefan Carl

Nov 29, 2019


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