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Souhir Hammami

Jan 6, 2018


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Dear Jan-k,

I noticed that you mentioned what will be the impact of these actions on greenhouse emission, but it would be better if you complete the "What impact will these actions have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?" and to highlight the impact of the actions.

I think it will be more evident if  can write how you imagine this concept  will be applied, what challenges would be there and how it can be overcomed  ( the part Costs/Challenges)

Good Luck

Jan Kunnas

Jan 6, 2018


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Dear Souhir Hammami,

Thanks for your comment. I had forgot to fill in that part. It is now done. I have not given any numbers, as this proposal is essentially suggesting a change in mindset, something that is difficult to put into numerical effect. Lets put it this way, with this changed paradigm there is not reason why some countries would wait for further development until they start to tackle climate change, as well-being measured by achieving SDGs is not in conflict with reducing emissions.