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Hung Vo

Jan 4, 2018


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Focusing your attention on financing the SDGs is a sensible move. However, could you build on your proposal in discussing feasibility? How can governments advocate for domestic "33" cent tax in what is seemingly an age of austerity? Furthermore, is it appropriate--or even ethical--to tax those living in poverty who are most affected by climate change? I commend your ambitious vision.

Attila Deutsch

Jan 5, 2018


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Dear Mr. Vo, thank you for taking the time to read evaluate my suggestion. My proposal is not a tax but a voluntary financial contribution from people who have the opportunity to support other people, their projects or specific organizations. The "33" (cents) shall be the symbol of my proposal and the one billion people is the average from about three billion people worldwide who would be able to make such a contribution (a possible distribution key for my proposal could look like this: 150 million people from the US and Canada, 200 million people from Europe, 350 million people from Asia and Oceania, 150 million people from Central and South Amarica and 150 million people from Africa and the Middle East).              My personal contribution as a European would be 66 cents a day. I would like to use this competition to make this simple solution accessible to as many people as possible and would be happy to receive support.                  

Thank you for your attention.