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Aleks Blumentals

Jan 1, 2018


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I comment from our perspective at where we see clearly the need and value of a decentralized system that in particular, could better reach deep lasting agreements. We see the blockchain and its evolving succesors as enablers, however the co-creation process to reach such agreements is very different from the here proposed selection and validation. Secondly, the use of a centrally hosted Dapp seems contradictory with supporting decentralized ownership. 

Bertalan Vecsei

Jan 2, 2018


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Dear Aleks,

First of all many thanks for your valuable feedback.

Our proposal for ClimateCoop in the described context is just the first step towards a more complete vision, which has been partially expressed under the "Future vision" paragraph, but have been now extended following your comment.

Total decentralization is the ultimate goal, but initially we believe the system requires certain guidance & global strategy (via global policy creation) from the UN simply for efficiency, synergy and compliance reasons.

This still allows for tremendous decentralization, independence and democracy locally and we do keep transparency and other key benefits of a Blockchain solution.

Nevertheless over time this kind of cetralization might be completely eliminiated and we may introduce voting, treasury and other governance capabilities on the Blockchain.

But this requires a high level of maturity and also a decision from the UN we can´t suggest without aligning and discussing the topic beforehand.

So for now we prefer to do a step-by-step approach keeping simplicity in mind, and always looking not more then two steps beyond the next milestone once one has been reached.

We look forward to your support and possible collaboration with You have a very interesting and promising initiative there we would be happy to further explore.

Kind Regards,


Santosh Yatnatti

Mar 20, 2018


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Congratulations for the winning proposal!!