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Any education can help people be sustainable. What if this education is based on Green system of life ?



I have a project idea of creating an ecological library in rural Morocco. This will help the population learn how to lead à green and sustainable way of life. 

The project will be specified in providing materials on agriculture, the environment and sustainability. It will also bé operated using green energy and materials.

Thé aim is to educate especially about and on the objective to fight climate change and then leading à healthy life will bé the cause and the effectivement.


Making educational institutes an institution for changing attitudes of p...

Making educational institutes an institution for changing attitudes of p...

What actions do you propose?

These aim at changing behaviours in order to prtect the environment and the natural resources. It is our global human responsibility to all care about our planet and help the weak creatures that share it with us along with the most volunerable people who may be most affected by pollution and climate change. 

Who will take these actions and which types of actors are involved?

The project and any project in fact need communication and collaboration. The more parties are collaborating, the more successful the work will be. I have a vision and this needs all to be involved- be that individuals or groups or governments.

Where will these actions be taken and how could they scale?

I intend to start the project in rural Morocco then extend it to urban areas with specific changing in the construction. The project vision is to reach other countries in the Mediteranean basin and then the world.

In addition, specify the countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2


Country 3


Country 4


Country 5



What impact will these actions have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

The project aims at sustaianble system of living. The emission can not be calculated with specific naumbers. So spreading green education and behaviours will have uncountable good effects to reducing the negative human effects to the world. Thé target is to teach thé maximum number or people especially Children and youth ho to live sustainably and Green. With this done, people will know how to Care about themselves , their families while taking the planet and climate change into considération. Thé project will dépend like 90 to 95 on renewable energy. And water will bé used to thé minimum in addition to thinking about technologies that recycled it or use it with natural détergents si as not to harm the environment. I have no intention at all to harm mother earth and thé project should bé a model on how houses should bé and how people should live.

What are the most innovative aspects and main strengths of this approach?

I must not also forget that what connects humanity more is ecology and not ideology; and so the project will aim at more understanding between nations too.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

The aim of thé project is sustainable éducation especially thé one pertaining to environment protection and how to live Green. This will have effects on climate change too that people themselves will bé part of thé solution. It is true that this will take Time to bé adopted but thé outcome is positive and sustainable. I already have thé house,I only need finance to start it with some légal procédures. Thé cosy is estimateur at 20 000 dollars because this will work like an eco station with water and energy préservation techniques. One of my challenges is not only Financing the project but to have like minded people to continue thé project. I am alone at thé moment but I am optimistic about it all. Thé project is totally in favour of SDG objectives. 

About the Authors

I am the owner of this project. I have undergone a lot of thinking and meditation till I reached the satge of being convinced of the idea. I am almost 40 and this means the agae of maturity. I have to do something for mother earth and our bothers and sisters in the world.


What enabling environment would be required in order to implement this proposal?