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Hung Vo

Jan 4, 2018


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I highly ambitious project! I commend your vision. Some questions I have relates to feasibility: how feasible is this project financially, environmentally, and even politically? Who are the potential actors? Which SDG do you think this project can best achieve?

Filip Kopr?ina

Jan 6, 2018


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Hi Hung,

I believe that anything can be achieved if you want it to be achieved. When SDGs were introduced it showed that most of the countries were ready to cooperate to create a better future for us all! I believe that they would support this highly ambitious, yet viable plan. UN last year got more than 30 billion USD just to try to solve the hunger problem, yet they do not solve it for good, they only postpone it with greater funds needed every year. Politically this project can be viable when most of the countries agree and it will be the first global response to the problems we face today. It will also gather a lot of volunteers and environmentalists. Environmentally, Sahara was once a fertile land but because of a constant Sun (18hours a day) the rivers and lakes evaporated causing it to dry out and eventually spread. Then we did not have the technology we have today and it could not be stopped. 

I believe it could solve multiple SDGs at once, from hunger to poverty and lack of water, but also stop CO2 levels from rising and tackle climate change.