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Dan Ma

Jan 4, 2018


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aquaponics :)

Souhir Hammami

Jan 6, 2018


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Dear Authors, 

Tomorrow 07/01/2018 is the last day for proposal creation; I encourage you to complete the remaining parts  Impact/Benefits and Costs/Challenges

Best of Luck

Olawale Olaniyan

Feb 28, 2018


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Hi Charles, Caleb, and Dan,

I agree with you on many points and particularly like your very good line of thoughts about invloving communities in the implementation of sustainable development goals which have synergistic effects on both climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

I also like your arguments and presentation of key points. Meanwhile, I will like to suggest that build up the section on the potential benefits of your projects for CC mitigation. Also, try to add a few points concerning the reasons why you selected those countries where your projects is expected to be implemented. Lastly, try to share your proposal on the socia media to campaign for votes, if you have not yet done so.

Best wishes

Lana Dang

Mar 3, 2018


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Dear Dan, Caleb and Charles,I came across your proposal by someone intruduced it to me. I am glad i read your proposal and feel deeply appreciate the fact that come from the group of young, extraordinary students who deeply care for the world we live in. I can see your point of bringing community and women gender into the proposal. I do believe we are tackling several issues interelated to each order such as food, climate change, water for consumption and argriculture used, health related issues due to lack of proper nutrition, energy source and quality of air. I glad you point out the fact that this is the framework to incorporated all the detail projects had been working on in the past and human being is still the key factor to bring everything together. The community will serve the foundation for everything. I do believe the countries you have chosen to work on are in need of the sustainable development. The world has change and we are all focus on green living. These countries in need for guidance, model framework and supports to make the different in each individual life and the country as well as the world as whole. Thanks for the good work!

Jake Haws

Mar 5, 2018


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The food section is very well done. This is an excellent proposal. 

Huy Nguy?n Anh

Mar 9, 2018


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Good idea, will be good to be practical application

Viana Ly

Mar 9, 2018


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Your Alma Mater, Westminster High School, supports you. The Assistant Principal of Westminster High has sent out a link requesting for all of Westminster to vote for you. Go Lions!

Heather-hanh Stensengwhs

Mar 9, 2018


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We are so proud that you included us in your journey.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Nghiep H

Mar 9, 2018


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Good idea, Dan!

I and some Vietnamese people have just learned your potential project which may apply for our Vietnam country on yesterday. We regreted to vote lately and you are surely missed a lots of votes from Vietnamese at last moment.  We are interested in practical benefits from your projects to be applied in our country where the population is over 90 million with many people in remoted area in difficulty condition once it is improved more details with good investment. 

Anyway, we apprecited for your best effort during this contest and let us know this meanningful website with good source of information, we do hope you keep trying for more research and good idea projects like this in coming time. Also we are proud of you as we saw you got speady votes daily and inspired to more and more people, especially other young student at your age.

Good luck! 

Dat Nguyen

Mar 9, 2018


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Chúc các b?n thành công !

Parth Kotak

Mar 11, 2018


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Proud of you Charles! 

Killian O'brien

Mar 15, 2018


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You have done great work here. Unfortunately, this proposal, while grand, is simply too little of a good thing and inappropriate versions of others. The idea of community involvement should not seem novel, as it does here, but should be seen as a *the* core of any project anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the People are treated, still, as secondary to the NGOs.

This is a deep flaw that rectified only by turning this on its head: Start with Community, let them lead. Any "projects" or "programs" that come in should be seen as facilitating rather than leading.

Second, Community-based energy is necessary not because of tech or any other reason. You can choose community-based or grid-based anywhere in the world based on technology. The reason for a Community-based is simple: Agency. The People should determine their energy needs and solutions. What is needed is a mechanism for this to be built out. In the U.S., for example, there have been discussions of Cap and Dividend. In 2008( ), I proposed micro-grids as the necessary future of energy. (Unfortunately, the opposite has dominated.) and proposed gov't grants to achieve this. However, combining Cap and Dividend, something that can work in any energy resource-producing country, or even any nation by taxing imported/exported energy, with a micro-grid build-out makes better sense. Individuals and neighborhoods/communities can choose to individually do micro-energy or can work together to build more efficient community-based systems.

Rather than go on and on, let me get to a more important flaw. Your proposal is broken down in ways that don't reflect how decisions are made. What is needed is a different form of governance and or management and decision making. I proposed in 2011 a system by which egalitarian processes address problems at scale. A neighborhood council, e.g., would address issue at the neighborhood (or small town) level. A city or regional (for rural areas) council would address issues at scales that are inter-neighborhood/community. bio-regional scale problems - issues at the watershed level, inter-city level - would be managed by a bio-regional council.

It is scale that matters for implementation, not false segregation of the system as in your proposal. Treating a system as separate parts - water away from food, e.g., makes no sense from a design perspective, and it is a design and problem-solving perspective that we need. 

I am hopeful you will consider some discussion and modification of this proposal.


Dan Ma

Mar 16, 2018


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Hello Killian,

Thank you for your response. I find that I very much agree with what you have to say regarding the role of the community. In fact, being community-focused has been the central point from the beginning of this proposal's conception. In addition, the whole point of this proposal was to think of the system as an interconnected ecosystem. The point having the different food, water/waste, and energy sections was not to separate them. To the contrary, we strived to incorporate considerations of each of the other sectors within the sections. The reason we had the separate sections was because we recognize that a nation's entire infrastructure is not built all at once as one giant project, so we wanted to treat the different sectors as modular pieces that can be developed as communities' needs arise and be able to fit together with the other developments projects as they arise. I agree that communities should be central to addressing these issues and through this proposal, my team placed communities as the primary actors of development. Where NGOs, international programs, and governments come in is to create an environment that enables communities to lead their own development by giving them the resources and tools to do so. 

At the core, I think that we have much more in common than differences. I appreciate your advice.



Santosh Yatnatti

Mar 20, 2018


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Congratulations for the winning proposal!!!