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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Clean cookstoves have been touted for decades as a rural development solution delivering reduced fuel use and better air quality as compared to open fires. The rocket stove is well known in development contexts (as well as amongst outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists in developed countries). The proposal seems to be a very standard ongoing activity in the rural development community - hence very low marks for novelty, and high for feasibility. The impact is likely to be small (based on my impression of the outcomes of past clean cookstove projects). The proposal does not seek to bring together past CoLab proposals and find synergies. The description of relevant SDG's is in the proposal, but not quantified - i.e. not much 'deforestation' would be avoided by outfitting a community of 1000 people with these stoves for 20,000 dollars, particularly as fuel (wood) is still required to power the stoves.

Additionally, the proposal is lacking some key information to really assess the feasibility, impact, and economic viability of the concept. Authors should consider a more thorough analysis and presentation of the opportunities and challenges of other similar concepts and a better elaboration on how they intend to implement the "mass production" techniques. We suggest I suggest that this proposal joins forces with another proposal that is lacking a focus on energy, health and women in rural areas.

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