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POPULATION CONTROL by trialballoon

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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Population is indeed a core concern. The proposal, however, does not provide a clear and convincing approach to dealing with increasing world population. It states known general facts and assumptions, calls on the UN to act but provides no concrete actionable items. Moreover, this contest called for the integration of various proposals toward a common goal and the current proposal does not provide such integration.

This proposal does address the root cause of almost every challenge humanity faces and which the SDGs are designed to address i.e. simply human numbers - although no mention is made of disparities in consumption of resources, which is of course a confounding factor, rather than just actual numbers. The concept is sound. although not new, but the political, social and religious challenges are unfortunately not well addressed and this would make the proposal vastly more valuable.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

The author makes a very clear and convincing case for population control. However the author does not state what s/he proposes to do about this problem. The only action seems to be to develop 'education programs' (which of course already exist) and to get the UN to monitor population and population control measures (which it already does). The problem is very clearly stated, but no tractable new action is proposed. Perhaps focus on a single country and what actions can be taken there - for example actions that would increase girls education rates in, say, Kenya would deliver on several SDGs (education, gender equality, etc) and at the same time have the co-benefit of reducing population growth. There are no reference to any past proposals or any particular SDG's as per this particular call for proposals, so this should be added in revision.

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