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Finalist Evaluation

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I simply couldn't really understand this. It is beyond my capability to tell whether this 'invention', which does seem to fly in the face of everything I understand about physics is some sort of fool's errand/scam or whether it has some real potential. But at a price tag of $1.5M and no other investors, I don't think the climate co-lab should stick around to find out.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

The proposal simply refers to 'our technology' and provides no detail as to what "disruptive OE energy technology" is. If this can really "eliminate all emissions from energy generation, industry and transportation over a 20 year period" it would be miraculous. In reworking the proposal I suggest the proponents describe the technology and call it something other than "our technology".

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Fred Ball

Jan 23, 2018


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Thank you, I have added a description to the "What actions do you propose" section that explains the new aspect of physics we discovered and the mechanical design that utilizes this discovery. I made other small changes throughout the proposal.

I wanted to respond to your evaluation comment that " would be miraculous". I understand your use of the term but wanted to say that for many people being a miracle implies that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. This reaction is quite common as our effort is too often dismissed as being impossible (non scientific) and is in violation of the laws of physics, when instead it is simply a new aspect that is not yet widely known. As we only have a provisional patent and are not yet fully protected, some aspects can’t be discussed in public forums.

Regarding miraculous, imagine that if before the invention of flight, someone had come along and said, we have a discovered a new aspect of physics: it is based on creating differentials of air pressures via a designed shape. The mathematics indicates that one should be able to multiply this effect so much so that a heavier than air contraption  will lift up several hundred people with their luggage and transport them across the ocean at nearly 600 miles per hour. Now, without understanding how an airfoil or airplanes work many would think the possibility of flight would have to be a miracle... as there were no known ways a mechanical device could defy gravity.

Many would dismiss the claim as being a scam, a violation of the laws of physics, etc... all because it was new and because the reader couldn’t understand how or why it would work. The fact that mankind was able to invent a mechanical device that appears to defy gravity and appears to violate the laws of physics is incredible but it was only miracle while it was not understood. Once the new discovery of how flight works became commonly known, flight became somewhat routine.

I feel our situation is similar. Our tech is new and the aspect of physics unknown, yet, we can prove its existence both mathematically and experimentally. Our tech is based on the ability to convert the effects of centrifugal force into kinetic motion. We conceived a mechanical device that will take advantage of this new aspect of physics and the mathematical prediction is it will work better than fossil fuel and nuclear power at a better value. Its competitive advantages will enable market forces to substitute this technology in every application of fossil fuel and nuclear power, eliminating all emissions from these sectors. I hope the new content satisfies what you were looking for.