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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Great to see a proposal from Kenyans for Kenya. As the proponents point out there is already an existing Permaculture Research Institute NGO in kenya doing much of what would be done in this center. The budget proposed is almost entirely to construct a building and put some computers in it - which is unfortunately itself not very sustainable idea. I am also a bit wary about 'teaching' Kenyan farmers about what are very very old sustainable farming practices, while the national government is pushing intensified large scale agriculture. Kenya has a very rapidly growing population, particularly in urban centers and Nairobi slums. has experienced and will continue to experience major droughts and floods, and devotes some of its richest lands to cash crops (such as flowers around lake naivasha). In the end, though interesting, I don't think the authors even try to make a convincing case that small scale subsistence permaculture interventions in rural areas are a part of a convincing strategy to ensure food security in Kenya.

Would like more discussion of farmers perspectives and how such interventions could be scaled up. There are other African permaculture projects, it would be good to learn from their successes and problems.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

This is an interesting proposal.
We would like to have more details about
(a) how the proposal builds on existing Climate Co-Lab proposals. What are the authors taking from the three proposals they list as being the basis of this proposal?
(b) whether there are any existing permaculture resources available for farmers in Kenya
(c) what is the farming community's interest in such a proposal ... would people use this resource if it were available, and why? Ultimately, I think a more detailed budget would also be useful for the reviewers. I also think the writing of the proposal could be strengthened by being more specific about the multiple SDGs that could be impacted by this project.

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Shirley Andeyo

Feb 2, 2018


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Thanks so much judges for taking interest in our proposal. We have made changes/additions to the proposal according to the evaluation remarks given.

Summary of changes/additions to proposal: CULTURING THE FUTURE WITH PERMACULTURE

a). From the proposals listed as basis for this proposal the authors have put an emphasis on awreness creation as the most effective tool to implement this proposal as is also suggested in the listed peoposals further the authors have a keen focus on the down-up approach where the marginal farmer is the biggest actor and biggest beneficiary scaling up. The listed proposals talk about various principles of regenerative agricultire which are simillar to the basis of permaculture.

b). The existing Resource center that is remotely related to the authors proposed Permaculture Resource Hub, is more bent towards the business side of the permaculture coin, therefore not as many SDGs especially those that do not touch on the economics can be realized, however a great patnership can be formed with the already existing Resource Center.

c). This proposal is in the farmers best interest. The input cost versus the the output income is surely something to smile about, its almost every humans wish to find something that requires minimal effort for maximum and varied yields and permaculture, is that "something". Furthermore the world is surely turning to alternatives that can make life a little more bearable on earth, farmers are a very big part of the world that is ready to embrace this change.

d). The authors have added the impacts permaculture will have/has on several SDGs.

e). A tentative but detailed budget has also been attached.

Kind Regards.