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Olawale Olaniyan

Jul 18, 2017


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Dear 'Connect',

I can see a good project coming up from you. It seems you are still developing or working on your proposal but having read little information you provided on your page, I believe you can improve the proposal better by broadening the remaining blank sections. 

Health and sustainability of soil is among prioritized issues for our world. Your ideas in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Best wishes,


Julie Barry

Aug 23, 2017


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I agree with Olawale's comment. This is a good idea. You just need to develop it. Conserving and protecting soil health is critical to our ability to take meaningful climate action. You might to consider some of the following resources:

I encourage you to develop your proposal. It's a good one.

Best of luck.




Bryan Boots

Sep 3, 2017


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Ryan -- similar comments from me as the previous posters. You have some key things you want to address here, and now you need to flesh out some of the details as to what specifically that would look like. You mention one interesting point in your notes that I don't see in lots of others: access to tea brewers. Without knowing more detail about what specifically you're thinking, it seems like you could have a unique piece here with that aspect that few other people are doing, and one you could develop further.

Sergio Pena

Sep 6, 2017


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Hallo, kindly complete the proposal in order to understand your concept. Despite the bires explanation is clear what are you working on. However, it is necessary to define the impact of this idea, countries and so on. Share your thoughts, knowledge and experiences with us.