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Camping is fun. Make living experiments for humans to live as low tech as possible.



I would love to live like in Walden but there is no means for it in first world countries.  

I would love government sponsored living experiments where people can basically camp 24 /7, with minimal tech and grow their own food.  

I think people need to and can transition away from 9 to 5 lives and live more the way they do in less developed countries.  I want to but citizenship is hard.  There can still be hubs for modern living next to caveman communities.

People need to go low tech and learning to live as people did many years ago would help so many problems from climate to human health.  

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?

Not sure

What actions do you propose?

Get first world governments to set up living experiments in the us. Give participants basic resources and access to modern living but challenge them to make direct access to technology and electricity largely unnecessary.

Publish through social media for interest and cultural spread.

I would kind of love to be homeless myself but there is just so much stigma.

Who will take these actions?


Where will these actions be taken?

First world countries. The first world needs to learn a lot from the third world, not necessarily vice versa.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

United States

Country 2

United Kingdom

Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

4000 trees offset one us citizen... zero tech per person means 4000 trees worth less carbon in the air

What are other key benefits?

Loosening of societal dependency on money 


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Extremely little money is needed to set up, it just requires mostly cultural attitude change.

Information technology like phones could still be useful.  This technology contributes minimally to climate change.

Non electricity technology like bikes could still be used.


Long term disappearance of human climate change if people go back to zero or low tech.

Immediate lowering of emissions in proportion to adoption. 

About the author(s)

Experienced camper from the us who adores the simple life.

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